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Google Alphabets

Well remember those days when you would say A for apple, B for bat and so on. Those days seem to have left far behind. Presenting the generation next – Google alphabets. The alphabets are based on the searches in the international edition of Google. Enjoy!

Well I thought it would still be A for apple. You know the one with i. Let’s see what more surprises are in store.

Bad luck for Bank of America.

Cricket isn’t even in the top ten list.

Another indication that the people are turning erudite. Disney manages to just get into the top ten.

Indeed, it deserves the position.

Oh, even a moron could’ve predicted that.

Again no surprise. It is followed by Google maps, Google earth and

Still hot eh!

Now that’s a bit of surprise. No “Incredible” India, no ipod in the top ten list. Movies rock.

Again, that’s totally new for me. Seems like a low-fare airline. Yeah with recession hanging around, it shouldn’t be a surprise for many. But then, jobs should have topped the list.

It proves recession hasn’t hit the retail sector much.

Home improvement is a never ending task. Lowe’s on a roll.

Social networking is fun. No surprise here. Everyone needs a bit of space even if it’s virtual.

Movies are immortal.

The popularity hasn’t been hit even when offices are shut around the globe. Olympics gets the second spot and Oprah holds on to the tenth spot.

Avatar’s popularity must have helped this online radio major. The list also includes my favourite Pizza Hut. Paypal and Pirate Bay too find their name on the list. Notable miss: Playstation.

With every site providing options for status updates, quotes are more in demand. Well, a witty saying proves nothing.

What more can you expect when people are more keen in selling their homes. Rotten Tomatoes just manages to get into the top ten list.

Another low-cost airline. And this is even more popular. So popular that in 2009 it has transported more passengers than any other airline in the world. Skype gets the third position and the super glamour Super Bowl has to satisfy with the sixth position. Sony doesn’t finds a place in the top ten.

This has to be the mother of all heart breaks. Tiger Woods and Twitter falls short and comes second and third respectively. Now who’s gonna tweet that?

In the age of super fast communication systems, the company has managed to stay on. There are two of my favourites in the list – urban dictionary and utorrent.

If it is the largest telecommunications operator, it is quite natural to be on the top of this list. Victoria Secret is second. vlc is there and the notable exception is Virgin.

Need I say anything about it. Wikipedia comes third.

Microsoft got one more reason to cheer about. Notable misses: Xerox and xe.

Youtube dislodges Yahoo! from the popularity list. Yellow Pages manages to hold on to the fourth position.

Yet another real estate site finds the top position. Zune sneaks in. And surprise surprise, Zoe Saldana is at ninth. It’s always rewarding to work with James Cameron.


Today I came across an article on how some brands are associating itself with 26/11 anniversary and why some are shying away from it. No you are wrong. This isn’t just another write-up criticising the Idea ad for being insensitive to the whole issue. So let’s just continue.

The article mentions about a 26/11 website hosted by MSN India. So naturally I wanted to see the website.  I typed 26/11 on my Google bar. And in 0.19 seconds, the search engine splashed 15,500,000 web entries. But on top of the search results was the mathematical result, 26/11 = 2.36363636. Google calculator was spot on. I scrolled down and saw the Wikipedia entries on November 26, followed by September 11 attacks. I wondered why not search 9/11.

I googled 9/11. 22,700,000 entries filled up my screen. And it took 0.03 seconds less. Wow! The search results contained all the usual suspects. Mostly wikis – Wikipedia and WikiLeaks. But there was no sign of the mathematical result. What the heck is this? Why 9/11 has been singled out? (Check it out and please do tell me if there are other exceptions, I hope not).  If these results are based on some “complex algorithms” as Google had stated in its apology to Michelle Obama, why is that the mathematical result not shown?

So what was I searching for… oh yeah the MSN 26/11 website. Maybe Bing can give me some answers. Kyon nahin dono (Bing and MSN) ek hi baap ke toh bete hain. I searched 26/11 on Bing and surprise surprise it too had a calculator and the answer it showed was correct but unlike Google’s answer, this result was restricted to just 6 decimal places.  So like any curious guy who has nothing to do but keep searching, I binged 9/11. It left me disappointed. Yes, again there was no sign of the mathematical result. So it just wasn’t the Google but even Bing too had some problem in giving out the mathematical result.

So what’s next I said to myself. Simple, let’s Yahoo! Et tu Yahoo! Like Google and Bing, Yahoo! too didn’t have any mathematical result for 9/11 but it correctly gave the answer to 26/11 and that too to 10 decimal places.

So what inference can I draw from all these? I thought for a while. Here it is: Sab search engine ka baap alag hain par maa toh ek hi hain – America.

Show me the money!

The Suze Orman Show is a show like no other. Suze Orman is a financial advisor and her show airs on CNBC at around 1:00 am IST which means it is made for the American audience. But it is highly recommended for anyone who is short of sleep because of financial anxieties. The highlight of the show is the segment called Can I Afford It? A segment where callers ask Suze whether they could afford the product or service they wish to buy. Suze dissects the caller’s financial situation – debts, investments, earnings etc. And then she finally makes a verdict – either Denied or Approved. Each conversation lasts around 5 minutes and they range from customers seeking advise on whether they could afford to buy a motor yacht to collectibles like baseball cards. With what little I have seen of her, she seems to be ultra practical, over cautious and she simply hates credit card debts, above all. She has put to good use the famous catchphrase Show me the money! made immortal in the movie Jerry Maguire by Cuba Gooding, Jr. At first glance, she seems to be loud like one of those evangelists you get to see on TV; apparently she does resemble like one. But take my word, unlike them, she rocks.

Infuriated and hurt by the allegations made against Draupadi, her husband and at one time the world’s leading archer-warrior, Arjuna, whose exploits include single-handedly winning the pre-Kurukshetra War battle against the mighty Kauravas and credited as the only person other than Lord Shiva to have the powers to invoke the all-powerful Pashupatastra, has put up a defamation case against the publishing house and the writer of the book “Draupadi”.

The outburst came in the wake of fresh allegations made against his wife by former Rajya Sabha MP Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad through the book “Draupadi”. The book portrays Draupadi as a sex maniac. Though many writers and political outfits have condemned the work and have asked for banning the book, the writer is sticking to what he has written and has shown no repentance. Though maintaining utter calmness and dignity throughout the press meet, the warrior lost his temper only when asked about his alleged relationship with other princesses. Arjuna too has earned notoriety for his promiscuity but again these are allegations with no real credibility.

Arjuna is seeking the advice of his legal adviser, Sri Krishna in this case. Speaking on behalf of Arjuna after he left the press meet in rage, Sri Krishna cited examples from his earlier epic Srimad Bhagavad-Gita and maintained virtuousness of his clients Arjuna and Draupadi. Sri Krishna had some words of caution for other writers and the media “Last year it was Pratibha Ray’s novel Yajnaseni and now Lakshmi Prasad. Any more rubbish will be dealt seriously. Somewhere we need to draw a line and make it clear to everyone once and for all.”

Meanwhile at Hastinapur, King Yudhisthra wasn’t available for his comments on the ongoing episode. He was busy meeting a team of foreign delegates from Russia. The talks were held for bringing in more development in the field of sports esp. chess. It seems the King hasn’t lost his fondness for the game and has decided to represent the country in the forthcoming World Chess Championships. A decision that his brothers and Draupadi rue.

The movie Inglourious Basterds will soon be made in Hindi. The movie’s called Gire Huye Haramiyaan. Hmmm. Guess Censor “bored” people will have a good time with their kaichiyaan. The star cast is humongous. Before spilling the beans on the cast, let me tell you more about the story.

The year is 1971. There is rise in atrocities against the Bengalis in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). A group of dozen-or-so Indian men comprising Bengalis, Biharis, Madrassis, Mumbaikars (none non-Maharathis), Rajputs and of course the usual suspects – the Sikhs form a deadly task force to terminate the military leadership – the hitlerish Jahangir Khilji in East Pakistan.

Of course with due consideration to the average Indian movie goers’ taste, the movie will have 2 sizzling item numbers, 2 romantic songs and a patriotic song – featuring all the men of the task force. The movie produced by a yet-to-be-revealed production house has not yet decided on the director. But considering this is a remake, the potential director list includes the who’s who of the Indian cinema – Priyadarshan, Mahesh Bhatt, Jayam Raja, Harry Baweja to name a few. All of them have shown exceptional talent in remaking.

Ajay Devgan might get to play the lead (Brad Pitt’s character). According to the industry grapevine, Padma Shri Dr. Kamal Hassan was earlier asked to do the lead. It seems he had shown the willingness to do the act but with a condition. He must get multiple roles. Precisely, the roles of all the men of the task force. The yet-to-be-revealed production house couldn’t take the risk as they felt people would feel it is a sequel to Dashaavataram.

So who are the other sher-e-hindustanis? Salman Khan, Shahid Kapur, Ranbhir Kapoor, Arshwad Warsi, Sidharth (of RDB fame), Sharman Joshi, Vivek Oberoi (not him, please) are in consideration. Mohanlal might get to play the role of the cunning Dilawar Bhaksh (immortalized by Christopher Waltz in the original movie). And if lucky, we will get to see Nasseruddin Shah enacting the dashing Jahangir Khilji. Also, if the rumours are to be believed, we will see Vidya Balan don the role of a Bengali actress – Begum Aza and Kareena playing Shubhadra Das, the sole survivor of the genocide.

Earlier I had the privilege to speak to the Production Head of the yet-to-be-revealed production house.

Here is a part of the interview:

Is it true that the movie Ingluorious Basterds will be made in Hindi?

– Oh yeah, we all are really excited of the new job on hand. No it won’t be an exact remake. But to be on the safer side and to avoid Chetan/Chopra-type incident, we have bought the rights from the Hollywood studio and also we will ensure to give due credits to the original writers too. Yet considering the geographical and historical changes that need to be made in the storyline, we will have our own special team of script doctors who will fine tune the original script to fit in accordance with Indian sensibilities.

The movie name is bit awkward. Don’t you think it will put off family audience?

– Any movie name is no big deal. Anyway what’s in the name? I mean, let’s say – 3 idiots, there were so many idiots in the movie and yet it was just 3 idiots.

When will the shooting begin?

– The shooting should start by the end of May.

Have you yet decided on the star cast?

– No. But we have spoken to many actors. Fingers crossed.

Who’s the director?

– Ha.. ha. Well as you see, it’s a hard thing. Again, we have spoken to some of the best directors in the country. Again fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

When will we get to see the promos?

– We have already begun shooting the dance numbers for the teasers and other promos.  For that, we have hired a leading ad filmmaker and some of the best choreographers from India and Hollywood.

Anything else that you would like to share with us about the movie?

– All in all it will be one dhamakedaar film!