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Happy Tens!


Following is the list of 25 movies that I felt were the most engaging ones in the noughties. I haven’t included movies that I haven’t seen. Fair enough eh? Now, please click on the 10 movies that you feel are the best of the lot. The voting closes on Jan 3rd.

Only FCPs invited.

National Geographic is sexist. Or what else do you make of this ad.

And strangely enough, National Geographic feels most women will be staying at home, 12 noon on Saturdays. What crap!

Outlook has been bombarding my mail box with a flurry of emails for the past few weeks –  enticing, persuading, and finally begging me to subscribe to their new “exclusive privilege offer”.

The offers are indeed attractive. The subscription for 5 years is Rs. 2699/- as against the newsstand price of Rs.6375/- plus 5 Benetton t-shirts. Wow! Then a footnote: The limited offer is only valid till Dec 15, 2009.

The deadline is over. Hey bhagwan ab kya hoga!

Then a mail appears on Dec 16th – the “limited” offer has been extended for another day, just for me! How considerate.

I fail to subscribe, once again. Haath aaya par mooh na laga!

And finally on Dec 22nd I receive another mail – the “limited exclusive offer” has been extended till Jan 15th because of “overwhelming” response. Hmmm how true. To make it realistic they add a footnote: Ignore the mail if you’ve already renewed it!

Considering the number of times they have send the emails and clogged my inbox, I do them a favour- an act of noble revenge. If you are interested in subscribing to Outlook, click here!


Woods was only trying his best to make golf a non-sexist game. Long before GOLF became Golf, it stood for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. Poor Woods now has to spend rest of his life in wilderness.