Outlook has been bombarding my mail box with a flurry of emails for the past few weeks –  enticing, persuading, and finally begging me to subscribe to their new “exclusive privilege offer”.

The offers are indeed attractive. The subscription for 5 years is Rs. 2699/- as against the newsstand price of Rs.6375/- plus 5 Benetton t-shirts. Wow! Then a footnote: The limited offer is only valid till Dec 15, 2009.

The deadline is over. Hey bhagwan ab kya hoga!

Then a mail appears on Dec 16th – the “limited” offer has been extended for another day, just for me! How considerate.

I fail to subscribe, once again. Haath aaya par mooh na laga!

And finally on Dec 22nd I receive another mail – the “limited exclusive offer” has been extended till Jan 15th because of “overwhelming” response. Hmmm how true. To make it realistic they add a footnote: Ignore the mail if you’ve already renewed it!

Considering the number of times they have send the emails and clogged my inbox, I do them a favour- an act of noble revenge. If you are interested in subscribing to Outlook, click here!