Infuriated and hurt by the allegations made against Draupadi, her husband and at one time the world’s leading archer-warrior, Arjuna, whose exploits include single-handedly winning the pre-Kurukshetra War battle against the mighty Kauravas and credited as the only person other than Lord Shiva to have the powers to invoke the all-powerful Pashupatastra, has put up a defamation case against the publishing house and the writer of the book “Draupadi”.

The outburst came in the wake of fresh allegations made against his wife by former Rajya Sabha MP Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad through the book “Draupadi”. The book portrays Draupadi as a sex maniac. Though many writers and political outfits have condemned the work and have asked for banning the book, the writer is sticking to what he has written and has shown no repentance. Though maintaining utter calmness and dignity throughout the press meet, the warrior lost his temper only when asked about his alleged relationship with other princesses. Arjuna too has earned notoriety for his promiscuity but again these are allegations with no real credibility.

Arjuna is seeking the advice of his legal adviser, Sri Krishna in this case. Speaking on behalf of Arjuna after he left the press meet in rage, Sri Krishna cited examples from his earlier epic Srimad Bhagavad-Gita and maintained virtuousness of his clients Arjuna and Draupadi. Sri Krishna had some words of caution for other writers and the media “Last year it was Pratibha Ray’s novel Yajnaseni and now Lakshmi Prasad. Any more rubbish will be dealt seriously. Somewhere we need to draw a line and make it clear to everyone once and for all.”

Meanwhile at Hastinapur, King Yudhisthra wasn’t available for his comments on the ongoing episode. He was busy meeting a team of foreign delegates from Russia. The talks were held for bringing in more development in the field of sports esp. chess. It seems the King hasn’t lost his fondness for the game and has decided to represent the country in the forthcoming World Chess Championships. A decision that his brothers and Draupadi rue.