What is it ?

It’s just another communicating application/tool. It will start with a small ripple and slowly it’ll gain momentum and finally it will reach a stage where it will topple all the other communicating tools – instant messaging, sms, tweets, chats, scraps and blah.. blah.

So they want me to leave Facebook?

Not really, do you use Orkut?

No, I used to.

That’s what, they realised it so needed something to bring you back.

So who’s their target?

It’s for those who collaborate.

You mean people like Sarah Palin?

Not exactly. It’s way too complicated for them.

Then who?

Programmers working on a big project…

People at Microsoft?

Again no, they don’t collaborate, they just recycle.

People at Google. Hey I’m sure they might be using it?

Big NO, they are just too busy working on Google Wave 2.0.

Then who the @#%k needs it?

No one. It’s Google’s way to engage you into something which you won’t need.

Oh. Thanks. From where did you get all this information?

Google News.